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oh lawd

I love that one day he grows up and these are his childhood photographs. I’m really jealous. 

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she is LIVING

I wanna be her

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I’m not pro Palestine or pro Israel. I’m pro not killing innocent bystanders. And although the statistics show a shift of more innocent killed in Palestine lets not dehumanise or demonise the Israeli people. Not everyone in Israel agrees or consents with what’s going on and just highlighting the people that do is a false view on a very difficult and delicate situation. Just how Palestine was once viewed as a breeding ground for terrorists. Don’t forget the judgement you all once shared for the Palestinians. And don’t now judge all Israelis in the same way. The world is not black and white and also this conflict isn’t that simple.
It is never a question of who is more wrong because, every side involved has been wrong since the beginning. They all killed and attacked at some point.

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